Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Seattle waterfront.  The boys and I are riding the ferris wheel on the pier, and this is our view!

After a couple of rotations on the ferris wheel, we started gettings used to the motion and heights--kind of.

Here is beautiful Sammy.  This old gal is funny around pictures.  I'm lucky to get a non-blurry shot of her.

Here is gorgeous Odin.  He's always up for a photo session and a dance.  He's my special boy.

Vino at the Landing in Renton, WA.  I had lunch with a sweet friend.  Delicious chocolates to finish off the meal.

Mateo at afterschool pick-up yesterday.  He looks for us then follows up with a big hug.

Tomas at afterschool pick-up yesterday.  He comes running out of the building to surprise us from behind.

Just a quick still life on our kitchen table.  We really need to eat those satsumas before they go bad.

Lately, my thoughts and life have been pretty random (as you can tell by the photos).  It's my younger son Tomas's birthday!  He is officially 8 as of February 28.  He was sad for a bit in the morning because he wasn't going to be 7 anymore.  That's my fault for lamenting out loud that he's growing up too fast.  Well, what is a mama to do?  At 6am, all I could think of to cheer him up was that it will be fun to write the number 8 after his name: "Tomas, Age 8" which is what I used to do when I was a kid.  I would write "Charmaine, Age 8" on my books and wide-ruled paper.

For the weekend, we are heading to Whistler, B.C. to celebrate Tomas's special day with family.  It will be a time to relax, snowshoe, ski, snowboard, and eat.  I can't wait.  I also can't wait for the long drive.  We love hitting the road.  Good music.  Great conversation.  Camp-style snacking.  My stash of books and my journal.  Our pillows for napping.  It's going to be a great weekend.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Charm. And, happy birthday to Thomas! Eight is great!

  2. Hi, Nic. Thank you for visiting and for Tomas's birthday wishes! I'm sure you know the feeling of your sons growing up too fast with your own two beautiful boys :)

  3. Charmaine, you seriously have a way with your words and photos to bring peace to my mind, body, and spirit. I could feel my body relax as I read your post. :) Thank you for sharing such sweet life moments. I felt like I was right there with you...

    1. Thank you, Jamie. It is definitely a stretch for me to get to a peaceful place sometimes. My days get so chaotic! I'm glad to have an outlet to just breathe. I hope you're feeling well these days! :)

  4. A very happy birthday to Tomas! What a wonderful way to celebrate turning 8... I could only smile about his wishing to stay 7 (mostly to keep mama from being sad :) Though I have the same lamentation with my older son Roman, on the day of his birthday, his wish is move on to the next birthday, to become even older already! The heartache...

    I do hope you all had a fabulous time in BC. It sure sounded like a dream weekend!

  5. Aw, thanks, Catherine. You get it. Why can't they just stay little and innocent? I know I've told you before, but I just love the name Roman!

    We did have a fabulous time in BC! It rained quite a bit, but we made the best of it. No snowshoeing :( next time!

  6. Happy belated, Tomas! Hope you all had a wonderful time at Whistler! :)

    Vino at the Landing, soon? ;)

    1. Hey Esther! Thanks! Let's do one of these Fridays for HH? We'll compare calendars--but I'm thinking after Easter. Can't wait to catch up!


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