Nostalgia Fridays - The Bus in Senses

Friday, July 6, 2012

This morning I heard the Metro bus make a stop in front of Luther's Table where I was having coffee and banana bread with my friends.  The bus took my memory back some years ago.  Almost every summer growing up, my siblings and I would hop onto the Metro into downtown Seattle for the afternoon.  Our destination was Mom's office, Dad's office, and then off to saving a spot on the 3rd Avenue sidewalk for the Seattle Torchlight parade later in the evening.

The Metro Bus in five senses...
1. Sight: the shadows moving down the rubber-ridged aisle every time the bus driver turned a corner
2. Smell: the warm breeze of exhaust mixed with stale body odor, perfume, and vinyl seating
3. Sound: the monstrous roar of the engine and the clink of the coins for bus fare
4. Taste: grape-flavored Bubble Yum bubblegum while having bubble blowing contests
5. Touch: sticking to the hot vinyl seats, then jumping off the bus with relief when we arrived at our city destination


  1. I've been waiting for your next Nostalgia Fridays installment Charmaine, and this one really touches a cord. Each of your senses brings me back to teenage yesterdays on the DC Metro (including fruit-flavored Bubble Yum!) ... those were the days ;)

    I'm curious, do your boys have the great pleasure of reading this wonderful series?

  2. Catherine, indeed, those were the days. No schedule. No responsibilities... ;)

    Actually, the boys haven't really read much of my entries. The times when I do share my childhood stories, they are filled with questions and wonder. That's a great idea to have them read my series, thanks!

  3. Oh, and grape flavoured Bubble Yum is the BEST

  4. Do they still make this stuff? I will have to find out. :)


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