Hello October!

Monday, October 1, 2012

My Monday morning :: calendars, permission slips, a birthday card for Ms. Rose...
Madeline for my Goddaughter Emily's 3rd Birthday :: this should be in every child's library
So that I can stay motivated with my blogging!

Ahh, October...  A gorgeous, crisp, and sunny first day in the Pacific Northwest.  What a beautiful way to start the week!  Autumn is my favorite season and October is one of my favorite months.  I get to celebrate a birthday, cozy indoor weekends, baking, pumpkins, cinnamon sticks, fiery colors of red-orange-goldenrod on outdoor hikes and soccer games...

I'm trying to stay afloat in the busyness of life's waters.  Coordinating my boys' 4th and 2nd grade classroom and after school activities.  Balancing work and my photography business.  Connecting with my loved ones.  Staying positive.  Being inspired by creative folks.  All good things--but they can definitely derail the mindfulness track.  So, I wanted to take a quick moment and record my senses before the day gets too far ahead of me.  

My senses this morning...
Sight: Robust and swelling pinecones on the treetops ready for the birds' harvest.
Smell: My boys' apple-scented hair as I flatten down their cowlicks--more like their rooster combs (I didn't know what the top of a rooster's head thing was called until now--there's actually a Google search named "what do you call that thing on top of a rooster's head?" Apparently, I wasn't the only one who needed this information).
Sound: A neighbor hammering away on some house project.  I wonder what it is?
Taste: Rich and steamy espresso with a drop of heavy cream.  My 'I Heart NY' mug with the perfectly hot temperature for clasping my hands around.
Touch: The coolness of the morning air that I breathe in as I work on today's projects at my kitchen table next to an open window.

I invite you to stop what you're doing right now.  Take a deep breath, and get present.  What are you seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, touching?  Right now?  I would love to know...


  1. oh Charmaine - how I love your blog! Your words paint such a vivid image for your readers. I always feel like I am right there with you. :) Thanks for the reminder to be present - I was just so swamped with my "to-do" list. I needed this gentle reminder to connect with my senses...

    Sight - my two sweet pups sleeping soundly by my feet
    Smell - a bit of cucumber in my water
    Taste - the lingering taste of olive oil from my salad
    Sound - the garbage truck passing by (and now the pups are up!)
    Touch - the coolness of the water through my glass

    Thanks Charmaine for another lovely blog post and lasting image in my mind. Your Fall desk will stay with me all day!


    1. You are so kind, Jamie. Thank you! Love it, "and now the pups are up!" :) Your cucumber water always sounds so refreshing--I remember that great photo that you took a while back. I seem to forget about making this infused water. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Always beautiful, Charmaine! Every time I read one of your posts, I feel like the world slows down and I can just take a deep breath. And share some thoughts with you, specifically these regarding where my senses are at right now:

    Sight - a giant tree outside my 7th-floor window in Montreal. Lush and green, and just transitioning to yellow
    Smell - the wool of a blanket around my shoulders
    Taste - fresh raspberries and kiwis (still a tinge of summer on my plate)
    Sound - kitty drinking water...so precious
    Touch - a cozy cotton sweater I found in one of Chris's dresser drawers

    Lots of love to you, fellow October woman/Libra.


    1. Thanks for sharing your moment, Nic! Your wool blanket made me wrap my own blanket around my shoulders--and now my mouth is watering from your raspberries, kiwis, and Jamie's cucumber water!

      I'm so blessed to have such creative folks in my camp. I'm always inspired by everyone's words and images. I'm happy that you're loving Montreal with Chris. I want to go there someday. Maybe we visit you two! :) Happy October/Libra birthday to you as well! No wonder we are friends;) Lots of love to you too.

  3. It's your beautiful corner of the web that I'm reminded to take a deep breath Charmaine, thank you! I can certainly relate to trying to stay afloat (especially during the school year!). At the moment, my senses are:

    Sight - Glistening patio planks soaked from this afternoon's endless rain
    Smell - Minty chocolate chip ice-cream (that my son is inhaling!)
    Taste - Sweet-tart tomato sauce from an early dinner of Chicken Asado ;)
    Sound - French cartoons in the background with little voices that rise and fall, rise and fall...
    Touch - Denim jeans that feel a tad too warm for this humid weather

    Ohh I love this exercise Charmaine, I needed this moment...

    btw, great birthday choice for your goddaughter + love your Monday morning photo!

  4. You have such an illustrative way of describing your days, Catherine. I love how you always blend your French and Filipino heritage! This evening we had that sour soup, Sinigang with salmon and shrimp:)

    I can picture you wearing your too-warm jeans as you look outside your rainy patio. p.s. my sons LOVE mint chocolate chip ice cream too!

  5. I have just subscribed to your beautiful blog, what beautiful photos, what a gift you have there. J'adore Automne, aussi ;)

    Sight- The leaves falling and swirling on the pavements outside
    Smell- dinner being prepared
    Taste- a delicious herb vinaigrette from my lunch, earlier
    Sound- the wind whistling around our front garden (the sound of Autumn, to me)
    Touch- the fleece lining of my favourite 'Boston' hooded top from a visit 5 years ago


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