Nocturnal Skygazing + A Little Dose of Nostalgia Friday

Friday, July 13, 2012

"See that big, puffy cloud up there?  Somewhere inside it, there's a yellow [golden] door.  That's the door to Heaven."  This is what my boys tell me right before bedtime; our faces squished up against the cool mesh of the window screen.

Sight: Glowing tungsten lights around the neighborhood while the sun melts westward.  Golden pink clouds with a wash of seaglass and sandy sky.  It's as if the ocean had been turned upside down.
Smell: Clean, warm air.  Not yet the looming smog of late summer.
Sound: A neighbor's car quietly retiring into the driveway.  Must have been a long day.
Taste: Minty goodnight kisses from the boys.
Touch: The wire graph of the window screen reminded me of when we used to press the net of a badminton racket upon our cheeks as kids.  Our fingertips would scan the puffy bulges on the other side of the racket.  It was such an odd sensation.  Of course, we had to try it on our kneecaps, our shoulders, our bellies.

Do you recall any textures that amused you as a child?  So much wonder and discovery at your fingertips...


  1. LOve This Dear! i enjoyed seeing it, Thanks For Posting ! ♥


    If you have a minute, please check out my blog and follow me if you liked it. I'll appreciate it so much! Thanks!

    Blow a Rainbow

  2. Thanks for visiting, Priscilla. I love those paint splatter leggings from your blog:)

  3. Replies
    1. Aw, thank you, Rooth. They are pretty cool;) Every day I'm humbled.

  4. Charmaine, I just ADORE your nostalgia blog series. It is so inspiring and sentimental. This one especially...

    Thanks for sharing. And starting this creative way to take a moment to remember days past as well as appreciate the present moment.


    1. Thanks, Jamie! Sometimes, I reflect at the end of the day, and I find that I didn't pay enough attention to things. It's definitely a practice that I continue to practice. It's fun though! :) Thank you for visiting, dear.

  5. Oh Charmaine, your boys are beautiful - so tender and insightful. I love this photo, it takes me right into the heavenly sky...

    For some reason, the texture I recall from my youth is the prickly itchy white sweater I hid in the back of my closet so my mom wouldn't find it and tell me wear it! Wish I could think of a sweeter memory, but that one popped into my head first ;)

    1. Ahh, that's a great memory, Catherine. I can imagine you trying to hide your sweater:) I think we've all had that "itchy sweater" experience. I definitely remember some itchy sweaters in my day!

  6. Hi Charmaine! Sharon here from over at Hello Mornings! So excited to have you on our team!! What a treasure to find your blog this morning! It's the refreshment and whimsy and inspiration I so needed for this day! Thank you!

  7. Thanks, Sharon! Great to meet you, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you more:)


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