Ushering in the Summer Season

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lavender :: a sign that summer is around the corner

My Photo-a-Day...
Day Twelve :: From a Low Angle (this is the boys' art gallery wall)

Day Thirteen :: Art (with school out in a few days, we intend on using these a lot)

With my boys ending the school year in a couple of days, I've got summer movies on my mind--even though we live in the Pacific Northwest and the heat of summer is not even on our radar yet.  

Anyway, my brother, sisters, and I have certain movies that we like to watch to welcome a new season.  Maybe you have some movies that you turn to each season?

Here are a few of my summer favorites--although, I'm probably forgetting some...

1. Roxanne: I love the sweet little town and the excellent script with Steve Martin
2. Meatballs: the classic 1970's summer camp movie with Bill Murray
3. Dazed and Confused: has excellent 70's tunes.
4. The Goonies: full of adventure (a great movie for kids)
5. Karate Kid: with Ralph Macchio, and they play Bananarama's Cruel Summer
6. National Lampoon's Vacation: it kicks off the family road trip in style
7. Grease: nothing like Summer Lovin' and You're the One that I Want

Bonus: while we're talking about music, one of my favorite summer songs is Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears because it reminds me of hopping on the neighborhood bus with my brother down to Kirkland Parkplace to watch The Goonies matinee.

So, maybe this weekend you can crank up your favorite summer songs, then plan a movie night with a good movie classic.  Don't forget the popcorn!

Well, I can't close this post without noting a few senses so far this week...

Sight: screaming at the clock as I realize we're running late for school!
Smell: lavender picked from our backyard.  I'm so happy that it survived the bitter winter that we had.
Sound: Katy Perry's Fireworks song (never thought I'd be into her, but my guys and I really like that Fireworks song and its positive message on self image--what's not to like about that?  Plus, she is a very talented artist)
Taste: my espresso which I heated in the microwave for the third time.  I know, blasphème café!
Touch: the softness of my little boys' fleshy cheeks when I smooth lotion on them after their bath.

What are some of your senses you've noticed this week?  It's ok if you can only recall one or two.  I know that I can't remember all of them, but I try:)


  1. * scared I have everything perfect in proportions))

  2. Charmaine, the boys' art wall is so precious. And how wonderful to have lavender in your backyard!

    I LOVE that you watch movies with your siblings (a family girl true and true)... your summer list ensures a good time and heaps of laughter :) If I could I'd add Pretty in Pink to the list. Bittersweet film that probably doesn't belong, but I'm a sucker for Duckie and the soundtrack. Totally with you on Katy Perry btw...

  3. I love Ducky! Ok, I will need to add that to the list now, although, it's probably more of a school season movie for me;) This is for you, Catherine This movie has such great style. Love Ducky's tube socks and white wing tips.

    I can tell that you're a family girl too, Catherine. No wonder we connect so well <3

    1. HA! Fantastic!! Thanks Charmaine, love that clip! Can't get enough of Duckie's lovestruck "tenderness" ... even if it kills me every time!

      Wanna know a secret? My husband and I had chosen the name "Mateo" for our youngest son (melange of Matthew and Theo) until we changed it to Etienne at the very end. At the time, we didn't even know it was a real name, but I've always loved it ... so it gave me goosebumps when I saw your son's name! Talk about connection ;)

  4. Glad you enjoyed the video :) That is a serendipitous connection! Well, I LOVE the name Etienne. It's so pretty. Sounds like that was meant to be your son's name after all...


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