Summer To-Do List

Thursday, June 21, 2012

p.s. you can create your own lists or journal entries with this sweet vintage memo notepad courtesy of Calsidyrose at

I am hoping to keep the boys from having the video game and T.V. autopilot syndrome over the summer.  We are set for swimming lessons, a writer's workshop, and soccer camp, but I thought I would gather an easy-going list of activities that my guys and I can do together.  I want some opportunities to enjoy some simple, lazy days.  

A chance to breathe in the gauzy air.  Unplugged, but tuned into the world around us.

Please feel free to grab this list for your own summer fun.  What ideas do you have?  I would love to hear about them.

Happy Summer!


  1. Visit cousins in a neighboring state :) I love you! I'll think of some ideas but I love your list so far!

    1. Hmm, not a bad idea! Portland? ;) Yes, please share some of your ideas!

  2. A superbe summer list Charmaine! Makes me dreamy and nostalgic just reading through it... esp #2,3,6,7,9,10... I'm afraid I'm not as organized about my family's summer apart from a couple camps and our upcoming trip to France. So many of the in between days are up for grabs at the moment... better get planning before they're completely swallowed up by M.Computer and Mme TV!!

  3. Love it. M. Computer and Mme. TV ;) So, France? Where shall we meet you? I wish! I hope you have a grand time--and take lots of pictures!


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