Some June Days and Captures

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day Fourteen :: Time (Tomas was learning how to tell time in 1st grade this year; the easy things we take for granted when little ones are just learning)

Day Fifteen :: Yellow (nothing like golden tulips to bring the sunshine indoors)

Day Sixteen :: Out and About (my boys and I love our library escapes and the magic of books and quiet neighbors)

Day Seventeen :: What's in Your Bag (ok, so this wasn't actually taken on the same day, but I happened to have this shot from a couple of days prior--with Father's Day activities, I got sidetracked--sigh...)

Day Eighteen :: What You Don't Know About Me (my vision/inspiration board in my reading corner; recently turning 40 has been such a good chapter for me so far; I am definitely wanting to keep this positive journey going)

Day Nineteen :: Imperfect (I tried to take a picture of another "imperfect" image while the Hawaiian rolls toasted with butter in the pan.  Oops, they burned!  Well, we ate them anyway, and the boys actually liked them!)

Day Twenty :: Favorite Photo I've Ever Taken (this was on New York City's Brooklyn Bridge just a few weeks after the Twin Towers were tragically hit; you could still see the smoke and smell the burning metal at that time; the mood around the city was somber, yet friendly among the people; my husband was my tripod, I shot this with film, available light, bulb exposure, and held my breath...)


  1. I love your shoots in the library of magic books and quiet neighbors .. in pictures

  2. Wow, you're photo of the Brooklyn Bridge is amazing! And shooting it in film - so impressive! Happy summer!

    1. Ah, the days before digital, right? Or, the days before I had my digital camera;) I hope you have a great summer too, Susannah!

  3. Charmaine, I can't enough of your tulips - so so gorgeous! Have commented and recommented on them, and now pinned them too!! The imperfect Hawaiian rolls look just perfect to me (I love toasted sweet bread!).... Bravo on the Brooklyn Bridge, amazing shot...

  4. So funny, Catherine, we usually call it sweet bread too! Aw, thanks for pinning the tulips, too. During this time of year, they are all over WA State:)


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