Photo-a-day Catchup :: June

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello.  Not much to report in this post, but just wanted to catch up on sharing my photos-a-day. More thoughts and photos on their way.  I hope you are enjoying your week!

Day Seven :: Drink
Day Eight :: Six O'Clock (Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA)
Day Nine :: My View Today (getting my hair cut at Seven Salon by the beautiful Erich; Downtown, Seattle view)
Day Ten :: Best Bit of My Weekend (walking and biking to the market for eggs to bake brownies) 
Day Eleven :: Door (these little houses are a collection of an old 2010 calendar that I saved from Anthropologie)


  1. Ohh how beautiful your photographs are Charmaine, they speak Day 8's afternoon light and shadows (can you tell I'm obsessed w/light)... btw how do you manage two boys AND two dogs? I barely survive the former ;)

    P.S. My latest blog post was inspired by—YOU! Beyond Capturing Moments

  2. Gosh, thanks, Catherine<3 You are amazing. I can't wait to read your post!! Oh, and how do I manage with two dogs and two boys? I've got a very supportive family:) Plus, some things just have to slide--but if you asked me this last Saturday, I could have told you differently--I was busy scrubbing dog slobber from our walls!


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