Goodnight, Weekend

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day Two :: Empty
Day Three :: On Your Plate
Saturday :: Making Pop-Up Cards
Sunday in the Park and Eating Laffy Taffy Ropes

What a good weekend.

The boys and I made some pop-up cards.  They were fun to make!  Sorry, I'll have to share a picture of our finished creations tomorrow.  We had to let the glue dry, so we headed off to the library before it closed.  Then, I forgot to take a picture of the cards, and I lost some good light by the time I remembered.  

We walked to the corner market to pick up some sides to go with the salmon for dinner.  Carrots, spinach, pasta... Laffy Taffy ropes for the walk home.  A stopover at the park was in order.  Battling flying monkeys with candy swords while soaring on dragon swings to save the injured unicorn.  Then back home we strolled to have Sunday family dinner.  Berry cobbler and lavender ice cream for dessert.  Delicious!  We needed to walk it all off, so the entire family took the dogs out for a walk, then played H-O-R-S-E with the basketball.  What a day!

Boys are in bed now.  They were beat.  Cozy movie date night with Al.  We don't always get to have weekends like this.  It's nice when we do.

Have a beautiful evening...


  1. What a great weekend. Thanks for inviting us along.

  2. Thanks for coming along for the ride, Nic:) Goodnight!

  3. Gorgeous photos (magical light!). Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend, your menu made me drool. And what charming boys! I still haven't managed to get an evening movie in with my husband for over a year now - still waiting for my 17 month-old to get his sleep act together ... Bonne Semaine!

  4. Merci, Catherine. It was one of those weekends with not a lot of obligations. Love those, don't you? You and your husband will get there soon:) I know exactly how you feel!


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