Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm currently working on a photo project for St. Dames in Seattle and sorting through the right prints for my canvases.  It is such a release to work on creative projects even though my schedule is very busy.  I find that making time for art helps me relax.  I feel like I am doing something for myself after all of my responsibilities are taken care of.  Making room for writing and photography serves as a self-regulating system.  I wish to create a quiet space--a moment of grace to regroup and recharge.

I plan to start noting my daily five senses again.  I used to do this, but have let that fall by the wayside.  I am hoping it will help me stay mindful and present, as well as keep my stress levels down.  While I might not list all five senses each day, I will try to recall at least one of them.

So, for starters today...
Sight: The warm glow of soft lamps and Christmas lights (yes, we still have them up) in my sons' bedroom as I read Ramona Forever at bedtime.  I love this special moment with my boys.  It makes up for the challenges of the day.
Sound: The swish of my corduroy pants as I walked down the hallways reminded me of first grade in Catholic school.  My mom cut my sister's and my hair the day before our first day at St. Benedict's--we were new kids that year.  Everyone thought we were boys, and wearing the boys' uniforms didn't help matters.  We survived, though--and here I am today wearing a similar look.
Smell: My sense of smell is actually a bit off with this cold that I'm finally getting over.  I was, however, able to take relief in my morning cup of French Roast coffee.
Taste: The salt and tart mix of Ritz crackers and cherry jam for an afternoon snack.  So delicious.
Touch: My itchy arms from my wool coat.  The winter weather is doing a number on my dry skin.



Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thought I'd play around with some text on my photos.  This is fun!

Be Mindful :: Look Around


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