Monday, August 1, 2011

My sister picked up a case of these fresh young coconuts at a local Asian market.  This morning, my dad cracked open a couple of them.  Mom likes to drink the naturally sweet coconut water for a refreshing breakfast treat.  Best with a straw straight out of the shell!  My two sons think that it's fun to drink it this way.  Maybe it reminds them of a Tom and Jerry episode when they were stranded on a remote island.  Kids.  It's a wonderful island escape wherever you may be.  I can just hear the ocean tide and feel the sea spray against my cheeks.


  1. I love coconut water. Don't much care for coconut by itself, but for some reason I love the water....

    LOVE, love the Tom and Jerry reference. It reminds me of my childhood... Fruit Loops - wouldn't dare eat them now ;) - and Saturday morning cartoons with my sisters, our feet tucked firmly beneath the console television. Ahhh... those were the days!

  2. My brother loved Froot Loops when we were little too! I wasn't a big fan, though. I liked Lucky Charms. Not much better, I know!

    Your Saturday morning cartoons memory with your sisters is so cozy. Those definitely were the days, weren't they? We had no choice on what to watch, not like now. But you can't be the Super Friends and Tom and Jerry:)

  3. Ahhh - finally read this post. I am sorry it took so long, for my own sake! It's funny, I even cracked open a coconut this morning for my breakfast. Love it. I can picture the boys giggling as they sip the coconut's nectar straight out of the shell with their straws; nature's perfect refreshment. It's one of those memories you always cherish, and an experience that connects us to our island blood.


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